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Trans-Siberian Pit Stops:  The Stack Stop

Stretching over 5700 miles and passing through 8 different time zones, the Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world.

The Siberian Stack Stop intelligently encompasses the rich history of Siberian timber church and house construction, arts and crafts and dress in a tourist centre for travellers on-board the Trans-Siberian Express.

Due to Siberia’s dramatic seasonal variance in temperature, the Stack Stop uses a similar technique of stacking and layering to that of the Matryoshka Doll, where each volume is housed within another.  In doing so, a small net volume is created during the winter months with multiple skins- retaining heat- and expanding outwards into a larger, cooler volume for travellers to retreat into in the hot summer months.  

Modular in nature, the Stack Stop is composed of four components.  These components transition from simple modern structures through to the most elaborate and decorative of traditional timber structures.  The core of the Stack Stop is the concrete toilet block which is then encompassed inside a timber office and storage space for the member of staff, with a pitched zinc roof.  Subsequently, the shop space then creates a skin around the toilet and office.  The shop is a traditional timber structure, referencing the beautiful decoration seen in such structures across Siberia.  The Stack Stop can be deployed anywhere, only requiring a stepped concrete floor slab for the bearings, with the toilet, office and shop modules being delivered via train.  Acting as the face of the local area, the final and most ornate structure, is a locally constructed timber veranda celebrating the individual areas rich history of traditional decorative carpentry.  Sliding from one another, each module is intelligently designed to tuck away to allow for a change in volume in accordance with the climate whilst celebrating Siberia’s traditional architecture.