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Wigmore Street for ORMS

A comprehensive redevelopment for Great Wigmore Partnership (GPE+Scottish Widows) to provide 125,000 sq ft office and retail and residential space.

This city block adjacent to Selfridges consists of a wide variety of structures as a typical London palimpsest. The southern half sits within the Conservation Area and includes a variety of terraces, a Victorian philanthropic school and hall. The northern half is occupied by larger scale office and residential blocks dating from the 1950’s and 70’s.

The development opportunity involved demolishing the hall and balancing the uplift of commercial space within newly refurbished residential space. The new Wigmore Street structure takes it’s cue on proprtion and preformed claddings from the nearby Edwardian Debenhams department store. The building grid changes from 6 to 7.5m to reflect the change in adjacent plot width from James Street to Duke Street.