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National Grid Gasholders Competition

Your car is on its way, your shopping is in the boot

This concept co-locates infrastructures and introduces a new opportunity of combining personal transportation and delivery to create enormous efficiencies.

The Gasholder sites exampled in this competition are a redundant feature of a historic energy network looking for repurpose. If a credible new use can be found for these structures that avoids the large costs of demolition and disposal society will benefit.

We believe the best lever for transformation is located in existing, emerging logistics and transportation economies centred on e-commerce and personal transportation. Autonomous electric vehicles are already under trial across the world with the real chance that cars will be a shared resource, not sitting outside your house. Automated delivery by drone by surface or air is also on its way, with a variety of well funded players in the market investing heavily.

The key idea of this proposal is to combine these uses as an efficiency multiplier. The sites would become primary hubs in a new paradigm for moving people and goods. The sites general locations in our cities across the country, often on the cusp of city core and suburbs, are well placed to service this network. The circular footprints are a natural form for efficient construction and stacking at a maximum angled surface area for drone launch.