02 October 2018

Chandni Patel BSc Arch

Chandni joined HK as an Architectural Assistant in August 2018 after graduating from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL with a First Class Honours Degree.

At the Bartlett she developed skills in digital image making, using digital techniques to replicate hand craft.

Her third year project was sited in Miami, and explored the duality of immigration through a 5-star hotel for Donald Trump. The project proposed building Trump’s ultimate franchise, subverting the perceived and real value of materials as a commentary on the grotesque and ostentatious Trump Empire.

Ersatz materials conveyed opulence but in fact concealed and disguise platforms for the staff to observe and ridicule guests. Ornamentation told the story of Trump’s controversial past whilst fixtures and fittings played out a political parody and a commentary on Trump’s polemic regime.

Chandni has previously worked for Grid 24, an illustration agency, working on logos and graphics for small businesses. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing and making clothes.